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Our Music (Notre Musique )

France and Switzerland (2004)

Monday Feb. 28, 12mm

Auditorio Jaime U. Michelsen



three parts entitled respectively: Hell, purgatory and paradise. Hell: various images of war, not chronological or historical. Planes, tanks, boats, explosions, gunfire and executions, fleeing populations, countries devastated, cities destroyed. All in black and white and color. Silent images, four sentences, four pieces of music. Purgatory the city of Sarajevo today, martyred as many others. Real and imaginary characters. A visit to the Mostar bridge being rebuilt symbolizes the passage from guilt to forgiveness. Paradise: a young woman we have seen in purgatory, self-sacrificing, find peace in the water at a beach patrolled by Marines pe0queƱa.

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Original Title: Notre musique

Country: France and Switzerland

Year: 2004

Gender: Drama

Writer: Jean-Luc Godard

Director: Jean-Luc Godard

InerpretaciĆ³n: Sara Adler (Judith Lerner), Nade Dieu (Olga Brodsky), Rony Kramer (Ramos Garcia), George Aguilar (Indio), Leticia Gutierrez (India), Ferlyn Brass, Simon Eine (Ambassador), Jean-Christophe Bouvet (C. Maillard) Elma Dzanic, Juan Goytisolo, Jean-Luc Godard, Mahmoud Darwish, Jean-Paul Curnier

Photo: Julien Hirsch and Jean-Christophe Beauvallet

Assembly: Jean-Luc Godard

Production: Ruth Waldburger and Alain Sarde

Duration: 80 min

The director (Jean-Luc Godard)

Born in 1930 in Paris, but his childhood spent in Switzerland, where his father was developing as a doctor.
studied ethnology at the University of Paris. Then he began to work by critics for "Cahiers du Cinema", the highest body of the "nouvelle vague" in France at the time he started shooting his first short films.
When talk about his work, we have to define three stages: the first with a classical way of filming, influenced by directors like John Ford. A second which is linked to militant hand, and the third, which reflects on the digital language.
In the 60 filmed several movies. His first film
"Breathless" (Breathless) is undoubtedly a strong debut. Full of tributes to the best American cinema and the black police.
the end of the 60's his work became virtually Marxist titles like "Pravda" and "das classes Lutte" gave proof of it. The 70's found him experimenting with television and video, to reach 80 with more conventional films like "Sauve qui peut." In the 90's, began planning his most emblematic: "Les histories du cinema." Assuming commitment to the war in the Balkans in "Forever Mozart".
His plans contain cultural events, political commitment and radical aesthetics.
Godard revolutionized with his fellow "New Wave" (Rivette, Truffaut, Chabrol, Rohmer ) how to make movies, and also to look at it. Subsequent generations showed a different path toward the cultural industry.
His accomplishments inexpensive, made with sophisticated equipment were not distributed outside of the conventional circuit. Bothering them, facing the film industry positions mostly agree.
emotional stories with beauty, with commitment, told by the artist with a taste for the cinema. Someone you can not fall on average, admire or despise him, never ignored.
"Photography is truth. And cinema is truth 24 times per second."


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